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We perform the following core activities/services in each of our core focus areas.

1. Research

Conducting theoretical and applied research in the development of new models, techniques, process, and procedures for effective decision making, planning, management of operations, problem solving, and improvement of organizational processes. These will be done with the active involvements and collaboration with reputable scholars and established researchers from local and foreign academic institutions or universities. 

2. Writing research grants

Initiating and writing research proposals with the involvements of reputable scholars, researchers and academics from local and foreign academic institutions or universities to obtain funding for Center’s research activities. 

3. Academic journal publishing

Regular publication of the Center’s academic journal - Annals of Management Science, a high-quality international academic journal. (Click Here to see the journal website)

4. Training

Organizing training and workshops on the results of the Center’s research results and findings in other make the results and findings available to organizations for adoptions and applications.

5. Mentoring

Mentoring organizational managers from profit and non-profit organization in all areas of critical business practices. This also includes mentoring young researchers and academics via the awards of resident doctoral fellowship, graduate assistantship, and research assistantship.

6. Consultancy

Providing consultancy services to organizations through the active engagements and involvements of experts from local and foreign academic institutions or universities and the Center’s experts.

7. Networking

Providing a platform or system by which different organizations within and outside the country can network with one another and cultivate good business relationships.

8. Organizational excellence awards

Organizing Annual Excellence Awards to organizations that excel in their core business practices.

 9. Fundraising

Soliciting donations and funding to finance the Center’s activities.

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