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Our mission is to assist for-profit businesses to be highly competitive and greatly profitable
and nonprofit organizations to be very efficient, cost-effective, and serviceable. We achieve these by creating and maintaining a viable system of interactions and problem-solving dialogues between the academia and the business community and by facilitating the dissemination of new business and management methods, techniques, and best practices and excellence models to the business sectors – for-profit and not-for-profit.

We provide mentoring, coaching, and consultancy services, formal and informal advices to businesses. We conduct symposia and contract research, and organize training workshops. We also disseminate/publish new business methods; techniques; best practices in management science; excellent models; and novel applications and new findings and results in management science using Annals of Management Science – our official journal (click here) – as a formidable outlet.

We work in strategic partnership with leading business schools by actively engaging the services of highly established and leading scholars, experienced and highly motivated and knowledgeable experts and practitioners in the areas of business and managements.


Our vision is to achieve an unrivaled national reputation for the quality, value, and effectiveness of the business and management methods, techniques, and models we disseminate to the business community and to the public and the third sectors and for the quality of the guidance, assistance, and support we provide them.

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